Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Late Summer Deals on Decorating- What to Buy Now

One of my favorite things about late summer is definitely the deals. Buying something, lets be real, buying anything on clearance makes you feel better about your purchase.

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Patio furniture and outdoor accessories are getting price cuts left and right. Even though we have a couple more months to really enjoy the outdoors, retailers are becoming focused on what’s right around the corner, fall. So now is definitely the time to update your outdoor seating, pillows, and other accessories.

Speaking of accessories, most should be on sale at this time. Pay extra attention to ready made curtains and pillows. Keep in mind that adding both of these to any space makes it feel more finished and lived in, oh and not to mention is a super easy way to add pops of color. So go ahead and stock up on colors that you absolutely fell in love with from this past season, weather it be marsala, Lucite green, or a bold blue!

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

How to Decorate for a Summer Party

Whether you’re hosting a BBQ, a pool party, or you’re just having friends and family over to enjoy some summer fun. I am sure these tips and ideas will make your gathering a hit!

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First off, we all know how important it is to protect you and your guests from the sun, so have some sunscreen along with bug spray on hand for everyone to use.

Photo Credit: buzzfeed.com & homedit.com

After quickly mingling, your guests will surely go grab a drink. Instead of using a typical cooler, use a wheel barrel. You’ll be able to fit tons of drinks, and even better, you can move it around twice as easy as a standard cooler. To make things a little more fun, instead of using plain ice to keep drinks cold, use frozen water balloons for a splash of color. Oh and don’t forget to tie a bottle opener to your cooler so guests don’t have to wander around asking for one.

Photo Credit: homedit.com

But where will you seat all these guests? Hay bales actually make for pretty amazing seating, especially for a summer party. You can use them individually or push them together for larger seating. Just place blankets overtop to make them less itchy and more comfortable.

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Photo Credit: catchmyparty.com

Now for the little touches, these are super inexpensive and add some fun. Instead of leaving your string lights naked, cut a tiny hole and plastic party cup on them, if you’re guests didn’t know they were there for a good time, now they do! And of course you’ll need a firefly catching station for the kiddos, make a sign to place on the table, and use old pickle jars with holes poked in the lids for the kids put their catch in!

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Hot Summer Colors

As these hot summer days roll in, you may be wanting to brighten things up around the house or even cool things down when it comes to your decor. These three colors are great options that are very on trend for this season.


Photo Credit: Estilo-tendances.com
Marsala is Pantone’s color of the year for 2015. This deep wine color is a fantastic option to use throughout your home this summer. Colors that pair well with this hue include soft blues and crisp whites. It is good to keep a deep, rich color like this one, balanced with lighter more airy tones. Below are some examples of great uses of this fantastic color in the home.

Photo Credit: Thisoldhouse.com
Photo Credit:Houseofturquoise.com
Photo Credit: Apartmenttherapy.com

Lucite Green

Photo Credit: Escapebuttonblog.com 
Lucite green is another one of Pantone’s top picks for 2015. This hue is a soft green that is almost a mint green, but with a little less blue. This is a fantastic color to use in your home this summer because it is a very tranquil and calming color that pairs well with many other shades. Lucite green pairs beautifully with blues, especially in the aqua/turquoise family. It also looks great with bright, saturated accent colors like the fuchsia used in one of the photos shown below.

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Photo Credit: Polkadots & Rosebuds Interiors

Bold Blue

Photo Credit: Mydomaine.com
Bold blues are great choices to go with to refresh your home’s décor this summer. This is a dynamic color that can take your home in a number of different directions depending on what you pair it with. If you are looking to really make an impact, you can pair it with another bold and saturated color like tangerine, which is its color complement. If you would rather make the bold blue be the biggest impact itself, pair it with more muted neutrals like soft gray or ivory and then include small accents in a complementary hue.
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Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Create a Cost-Effective Outdoor Living Room

We just wrapped up a covered patio project, and not only did the clients LOVE it, but so did we. The colors were so soothing and the seating was so plush and welcoming; it really did make all of us just want to sit and enjoy the mild summer afternoon. So it got me thinking, how can I adapt this space into a more price friendly manner? So here are a few tips, tricks, and DIY projects that can help you to create the same a cost effective outdoor space for the whole family to enjoy!

Photo Credit: smallgardenlove.com
Pallet Furniture
If you’re interested in new furniture pieces, but don’t want to spend a potential arm and leg, take on this DIY project. You can adjust these instructions to make the pieces fit your space, whether you’re looking to make a chair, couch, or sectional. Just stack discarded pallets to the height wanted and secure them together with screws, cover the exposed spaces with 2 X 4s or leave them open, stain them paint them, or leave them be, throw some outdoor cushions and pillows down and you’re good to go!

Photo Credit: costalhome.blogspot.com
Layering Fabrics
While we’re on the subject of outdoor pillows and cushions, keep in mind that adding fabric to an outdoor area really does soften the space and definitely help to bring the indoors out. So go ahead throw some floor cushions down, and don’t be afraid to even hang some durable curtains on your patio. Create layers with outdoor rugs and give your outdoor living room as much dimension as possible.

Photo Credit: costalhome.blogspot.com
Adding lanterns and lamps continue to bring the inside out, extending your living space, and maximizing it’s full potential by allowing you to use the space at night.

Photo Credit: buzzfeed.com
How about those cinderblocks?
Another brilliant and cost effective idea is painting your outdoor cinderblocks to create durable flower boxes, coffee tables, fire pits, and even seating.

Photo Credit: buzzfeed.com
Bucket Table
My last tip/DIY project is a bucket table. This is especially great for outdoor spaces because it creates extra storage, and allows you to tuck pillows and candles away so you don’t have to leave them out in the rain. Or you can even take the top off and create a cooler when entertaining.

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

How to Create a "Beachy" Look in Your Bathroom

(Photo Credit: nauticalcottageblog.com)

With summer arriving, beach lovers are rejoicing. For those of us who can’t get enough of the sand and salt water, bringing that beach style into your home can be a great option. Using this decor in your bathroom is a fitting place to do so because most of us want it to be a place of calm and serenity. It is easy to go overboard with the beachy items if you aren’t careful but with these simple tips you can get just the right amount of that feel that you are looking for. 

(Photo Credit: thespacebetweenblog.net)

  Use Shells in Your Décor
Collecting interesting shells is a favorite pass time of us beach-lovers. What can I do with all these gems, you ask? Put them in glass containers, like mason jars or vases, and place them in groupings throughout your bathroom! This will instantly create a beachy feel!

(Photo Credit: getsetorganize.com))
  Incorporate Ropes
Ropes immediately make us think nautical when we see them used in décor. Get creative and use a rope as a towel holder to create a beach vibe in your bathroom like pictured above. Mirrors with a rope as a border and hanger is are also an interesting option that isn’t too overdone. 

(Photo Credit: homeandgarden.craftgossip.com)

Make Your Own DIY Candle Holder
Here is a simple and cute option when going for a beachy bathroom. Pick up some glass candle holders and thin rope from your local craft store. You can then hot glue the rope to the candle holders and add starfish and twine as a decorative touch on top. 

(Photo Credit: bloglovin.com)

Select a Tranquil Paint Color
Choosing a tranquil paint color as a backdrop for your beachy bathroom is a must. The paint color in any given room truly sets the tone for the whole space. If you have conflicting décor and paint, your end result will not be nearly as impactful. The Sherwin Williams swatches shown above are all great options for your beachy bathroom.

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Beyond Souvenirs: Great Things to Buy on Vacation for Your Home

Summer is officially in full swing and I know I can’t be the only one dreaming of vacation. While imagining myself on the beach somewhere, an idea hit me. How can I turn some of my unfortunately forgotten souvenirs into pieces that I can enjoy every day? I thought of enormous collection of postcards, and shells that are sitting in random boxes and drawers around my home, and I began to brainstorm. So here are a few of my favorite ways to give old (and new) souvenirs a brand new life.

(Photo Credit: apartmenttherapy.com)

Post Card Display:
Like I said, my postcard collection has grown to quite an inspiring number. But, want a better way to display them than one or two on the fridge. I like things to be as neat and organized as possible so I love the idea of creating a framed collage, or an organized grid under a glass top. Or even make display stands from rocks, pieces of driftwood, anything really that came from the same trip as the post cards, and attached them with florist wire.

(Photo Credit: sandandsisal.com)

Shell Art:
Time to tackle those mounds of shells. Group like shells together by color, and simply hot glue them onto cardstock and frame, for some pretty neat one-of–a-kind art. Make them as funky or as symmetrical as you’d like. They can be just as unique as the shells themselves.

Photo Credit: apartmenttherapy.com)

Exotic Fabric:
I like to collect different fabrics from all over, so I figured what’s a better way to appreciate these textiles than to upholster a small bench in the foyer, or make a throw pillow or two. This way everyday I can reminisce on the memories from those trips, even if only for a moment.

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Help Dad Create a Man Cave for Father's Day

(Photo Credit: upcycledtreasures.com)

Father’s day is coming up, and if you were to ask the majority of men what they would add to their home if they could, you can bet their answer might be a man cave. A man cave is a great way of creating a space in your home that is somewhere the man in your life can call all his own. He may feel he doesn’t get a say in most of the decorating decisions around the house or he may just want a nice little escape. Either way, creating a man cave is a great option for your home especially with Father’s Day right around the corner!

(Photo Credit: bassettfurniture.com)

Pick out a great recliner
No man cave is complete without a fantastic recliner that everyone in the house knows is only for the owner of the man cave. Chances are the man in your life may already have his favorite recliner that he can’t live without. In that case, relocate it to his man cave and take the opportunity to get yourself a great new chair! If he doesn’t already have one, take him shopping with you for one so he can give them all a test run. After all, comfort is most important when you are talking man caves.

(Photo Credit: restorationhardware.com)

Add a game
Games are always a great addition to your man cave. The type of game you select completely depends on the interests of the man. Good choices depending on your budget are ping pong, pool, darts, oversized chess or checkers or even a slot machine! These are all great ways to make the man cave a fun area where he can hang out with his buddies.

(Photo Credit: restorationhardware.com)

Choose durable materials
As we know, things can get a little crazy when we are talking about man caves. You never know what kind of food or drink spillage may be going on in there. This is a good reason to choose durable fabrics for your furniture that can also hide stains well. In other words, stay away from any light and airy colors. If you are purchasing a rug for the space, wool is a great option because it is very durable and its stain resistant nature makes it easy to clean.